February 22, 2015
Our ewe Stormy presented us
with our first lamb for the
season. This ewe lamb is the
also the first AI Leicester lamb
born on our farm and the first AI
lamb out of a new ram line from
Brenton Heazlewood's flock in
Australia. We want to thank
Jane Servinski for her heroic
efforts in importing these new
genetics to North America to
help diversify our lines. And also
a big thank you to our AI
technician, Glen Erickson.
We will definitely be keeping this
ewe lamb as she is also the first
daughter Stormy has produced
for us; she has only had ram
lambs in the past.
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February 24th.
Hannah had her ram and ewe lamb safely delivered in spite of -10 degrees and
high winds early this morning - thank goodness for a high and dry barn! They are
sired by the new AI ram so we are very pleased with this set of twins.
February 25th.
Ellen Wilson had a single AI ram lamb
today. She's an extremely protective
mother and it's about impossible to get
a picture of him! I like this one because
you can see her stomping her foot at me!
February 28th.
Prudence had first first lamb via LAI
this morning. He's a nice sturdy ram
and she is a very good first time mom.
Now we are hoping that the rest of the
lambs arrive with temps above freezing!