March 6. This early a.m. our ewe Annie had her first lambs for us -- beautiful set of ewe
lambs out of
Isaac. She did a great job with them and it's a miracle to me that lambs can
survive this cold. It was -18 this morning with the wind chill. And yes, that is frost on the
lambs, but their mouths were warm so they had been nursing. Whew... will spring ever
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March 7. Beautiful Amelia had her first lambs, twin rams, out of
Winston this afternoon. It was a balmy 40 degrees for a change,
so watching the birth was a pleasure. She is an easy lamber and
great mom, just like her dam, Abigail is.
March 11. Beautiful Emma was bred to Winston
this season and the two white sheep produced a
gorgeous pair of black/grey ram lambs. She is a
wonderfully calm mother and very attentive to
her lambs. And even better, she lambed in mid
afternoon with 50 degree weather, so I got to sit
back and enjoy watching a new family be
March 12. Moonbeam's first lamb is here; a
lovely little ewe out of
Chosen Charlie. But
what a difference between this morning and
yesterday -- we're back to blizzard snow
and wind, but thankfully it's in the 20s and
not subzero. Maybe spring will come by
March 15. QUADS!!!!!  Our ewe
Sunny had quads out of Isaac today!
We were totally amazed because I
had not heard of a Leicester having
quads before. There are three ewes
and one ram lamb. Beautiful job
March 21. This morning we found Hannah
with two beautiful and healthy, well fed
ewe lambs out of
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