2014 Leicester Lambs
February 20, 2014. For the third year in a row,
Abigail was the first ewe to deliver her lambs.
And we are blessed that she lambs unassisted
with healthy, vigorous lambs. As in the past she
has a ram and a ewe lamb. Their sire is our ram
Isaac. The lambs are shown above shortly after
birth. Above right an at right they are show at 24
hours old. The ram lamb was trying to bounce up
on top of his mother while she was standing up so
he has now earned the nickname "Rabbit."
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February 23. Beautiful Arabella had her
triplets this morning (unfortunately the ewe
lamb wandered off and froze in a
snowbank). The grey ram lamb was
sleeping peacefully in the sunshine while his
white brother was hanging close to mom.
Their sire is
Fairfax. This is her second year
lambing for us, and she did a great job once

Arabella and her boys are shown below left  
when they are 3 days old. I love what a calm
mother she is.
February 24. Our beautiful ewe, Jazzy, had twin rams lambs early this
morning out of Isaac. It was only 10 degrees and they had ice on them
(argh!), but they had nursed (their mouths were warm) and as soon as I
found them, I took this photo, and then got the family into a pen bedded
down with new straw. By the time I was done settling them in, the boys
were nursing and doing great.
February 25. This is the coldest winter we've had in 15 years of
raising sheep. I am amazed at the lambs who are surviving
these single digit and subzero temperatures.
Stormy's single
ram lamb was up and cleaned off, with a warm mouth (meaning
he has nursed and did not have a stressful birth) when I found
them about 8 a.m. this morning. She's very protective and this
photo shows her stomping her feet at me as I tried to get a
photo! His sire is
Fairfax. He is shown above at 24 hours old.
February 26th. Tondelayo had triplets in -7
degree weather early this morning. There is
a surviving ram and ewe lamb;
unfortunately one of the ewe lambs didn't
make it. This severe cold weather is really a
terrible challenge for sheep and shepherds
alike this season. Their sire is
February 28th. Last night it was -17 degrees (not including
the horrific wind chill). Thankfully,
Virginia waited until this
afternoon and delivered twin rams lambs when it was up
to a balmy 16 degrees. Fiona was my shepherd in
command while I was working in the fiber mill. I had
checked the ewes at 1pm; nobody showed any interest in
lambing. Fiona was doing chores at 3pm and found
Virginia with her lambs. They are both white and their sire
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