February 21, 2013
First ewe of the year to lamb is our lovely Abigail.
She also gave us our first Leicester lambs in 2012.
She delivered her lambs outside in the sun (but a
very cold 19 degrees!) and we moved them into a
nice warm stall in the barn. The babies both weighed
9 1/2 lbs. and there is a ewe and a ram. Their sire is
At left they are shown shortly after birth. Below left
is the ram, and at right is the ewe, the next morning
The ewe is reserved.
February 22. Betsy Ross had her first set of twins -
matching ram lambs out of Quincy. Both were 10 lbs.
She's a great new mom and her rams are quite
February 26. Sunny had triplets this morning; unfortunately the last one was stillborn. But
there are two lovely lambs, a ram and a ewe, both weighing 9 lbs. Their sire is Quincy.
February 28. Charlotte, who is a wonderful
old ewe, (aged 9 years!) had a 15 lb. ewe
lamb out of Quincy late this evening. I was so
relieved to notice she was going into labor
when I did a barn check about 7pm and
convinced her to go to a nice dry barn stall
rather than to have her lamb outside in the
wind. I left her for an hour to get serious and
when I walked out she was busy cleaning off
this sturdy, well built ewe lamb.