March 21. This morning at 6:30 I took
a walk out to the barns to check on the
sheep - since it's that time of year. I
Agatha - who is now 10 years
old - on the hillside with this darling
pair of ram lambs snuggled up next to
her, as if they've always been here! I
moved them into the barn, probably
more for my sake than theirs and as
usual Agatha was not happy with my
interference. Their sire is our dear,
recently departed old
Rillian (who
passed at age 9 of old age, in his
sleep). I am absolutely thrilled to have
a choice of one of his sons to keep in
the flock. Rillian was one of the gentlest
rams we ever had and the Rektor line
has given us very prolific and milky
ewes over the years. Both ram lambs
are black/grey and weighed 7 lbs. each.
March 21. After discovering Agatha
and her babes, I did a flashlight sweep
of the barn and saw
Elsie was in the
corner of the barn with her babes
tucked up next to her, and all three
next to our old llama Kuzko. Elsie has
a black ram (7.5 lbs.) and a beautiful
black spotted ewe lamb
(9 lbs.) out of
March 24. What a treat to know that M'Dear was lambing this morning and to
pull up a bale of straw and watch from across the barn as she delivered her
triplets. She had the white ram lamb first (7 lbs.), then a black/grey ewe lamb
(8 1/2 lbs.) and a moorit grey ewe lamb (6 1/2 lbs.). Oh how I love and
cherish my experienced ewes. This is her 2nd set of triplets now; she delivered
her first set of twins on her own when she was not quite a year old! The sire of
these lambs is
March 24. Our dear and amazing Gwendolyn, who is now 11 years old, decided
to have her lambs this afternoon. This is the earliest she has ever had her lambs,
usually not delivering until mid-late April. There is a 5 lb. homozygous grey ewe
and a 5 1/2 lb. homozygous grey ram out of
Majyk. After the 5 rams she had in
the past two years, I am just delighted to have a baby ewe lamb out of her this
March 24. From old ewes to young ewes, Icelandic sheep
continue to amaze me every year.
Raggedy Ann had her first
lamb this afternoon -- a sturdy and vigorous son out of old
Sedillson. She is just a year old herself, and it is so wonderful to
see not only new lambs born, but also "new moms." He
weighed 5 lbs.