2012 Icelandic Lambs
March 18. With temperatures in the
70s and 80s this week, we are 70
degrees warmer than this time last
year when lambs started arriving on
March 18th. We also had about 18"
of snow on the ground and the water
buckets would refreeze by the time
we made the rounds filling up with
fresh water!
Xenia delivered a
healthy, vigorous set of ram lambs
this morning out of
Hoss. The white
ram weighed 8 3/4 lbs. and the black
(grey?) ram weighed 8 lbs. After
their bellies were full they started
bouncing around the barn. I was
relieved she went into the barn to
deliver them in the shade and not out
in the heat of the sun today!
March 19. Early morning
walk found
Kara with her
twin rams out of
They were all dried off and
hard to catch. I moved the
family into a pen in the barn
and they are doing great.
The white ram weighed 9
lbs. and the solid moorit
ram weighed 8 3/4 lbs.
March 19. Felicity decided the middle of the afternoon would be
a good time to have her lambs out of
Ari. She had spotted twin
ewe lambs, one looks like it will be polled and one with horns.
They weighed 8 & 8 1/2 lbs. and are doing great. She was really
good about following me into the barn with them, thankfully -
because, we were several fields away.
March 19. Not to be outdone,
Emmy decided to deliver her
twin ram lambs while we were
eating supper. Their sire is
Jefferson. One is solid moorit (7
1/4 lbs.) and the other is moorit
mouflon (8 1/4 lbs.).
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Xenia's twins are shown at almost 2 weeks old -- the "birth day" photo
file got compromised so I took this photo to record what they look like. As
you can see they are very nice lambs.