March 18, 2011. Our AI Ljufur
Lily, produced a beautiful set of
ewe lambs this morning. One white (6
lbs.) and one moorit badgerface (5 1/2
lbs.). Their sire is the
March 18. We found old "Ma" with
her newborn twins up and nursing during
last barn check tonight. She had them near
the horse barn and we moved them into a
lambing pen to keep them dry and warm
tonight. The ram lamb is white and
weighed 8 lbs. The ewe lamb (also 8 lbs.)
is one of the most unusual looking lambs I
have ever seen.  She's quite stunning and
of course, I will be keeping her! Their sire
Lambing Season 2011
March 21. M'Dear had her first set of
triplets this afternoon. A black ewe (7 1/2 lbs.); a
white ewe (8 lbs.) and a moorit ram (7 1/2 lbs.)
What a healthy set of babies they are. I was
keeping a far eye on her and she had the second
two lambs within 20 minutes of each other and
as soon as they had nursed she headed outside
the barn with them. Since we're expecting snow
& sleet over the next few days, I scooped them
up and she followed me back into the barn so I
could pen them up. Their sire is
March 21. Early evening found Felicity
delivering twin ram lambs out of
The white one weighed 9 1/4 lbs. and the
black/grey one weighed 8 3/4 lbs. Both rams
have huge horn buds already.
March 21. While I was processing
Felicity's lambs,
Lottie was busy on
the hillside delivering her twins. A
moorit grey ram (6 3/4 lbs.) and a
moorit ewe (8 1/2 lbs.) out of
Lincoln. I left them alone until they
were both nursing and then Fiona
helped me move them into the barn.