No matter what the
calendar says or what
the weather is doing,
spring never arrives at
The Lavender Fleece
until our first lambs
are born.
Our beautiful ewe, Isabella, presented
me with this image of spring on March
28th. I thought it was pretty adorable
that one of the lambs had already
found herself a nesting place in one of
the hay feeders. Both lambs are girls
and they weighed 7 3/4 and 8 lbs.
Their sire is our awesome
"No Neck
I'm keeping one ewe, who will be
named "Martha" after Martha
Washington. The other lamb is sold.
March 29th. The 6 am barn check found
Felicity with her first set of twins. The ram lamb
is homozygous grey (6 3/4 lbs) and the ewe lamb
is white (5 3/4 lbs.) She is doing a great job at
being a first time mom. The sire of the lambs is
the grey Tyrson's son,
Thor. The ram lamb is
April 2. Silfra had a gorgeous, very big
(9.5 lbs.) black/grey mouflon ewe lamb in
the heat of this unseasonably warm April
(it was 80 degrees today!). The sire of the
lamb is the
Sedillson. This lamb is
staying here.
April 5. Wynona had her first set of triplets - one ewe and two
ram lambs out of
Sedillson. It was so nice to sit in the barn and
watch the lambs being born and I captured #3 just as he was hitting
the ground. The lambs weighed 7.5, 8 and 8.5 lbs. The ewe and one
ram are reserved.
April 6. This morning I found Olive with
a nice set of twins out of
Ragnar this year.
The ram lamb is white (9 lbs.) and the ewe
lamb is black (7.5 lbs.). Olive did a great
job as usual and the lambs were nursing
vigorously. Both lambs are reserved.
April 6. Suzie Ewe decided to have her lambs
in the middle of the field during a thunderstorm.
Good grief. I went ahead and let her deliver and
get her twins up and nursing (a white ram, 7 1/4
lbs. and a white ewe, 7 1/4 lbs.) and then moved
them into the barn for a warm dry pen. I wasn't
sure I'd make it carrying two kicking lambs in
one arm and dragging a stubborn ewe up the hill,
through the mud! But where there's a will....
although you can tell by the photo she is totally
not happy that I interfered! Their sire is

and with their granddam, Superb, I
expect these lambs to have great builds. The ewe
lamb is reserved.
April 6. Although she only singled, Pearl's
2010 ewe lamb is so outstanding in her build,
and so amazing in her size.... the fact that Pearl
delivered this 11.5 lb. ewe lamb unassisted gives
her a pass. The sire is our
Visirson. Pearl's
2009 ewe lamb (Elsie) out of Visirson was so
outstanding that I repeated the breeding and this
lamb already proves to be just as well built as
Elsie is. This lamb is staying in the flock. Her
name is Dolley after Dolley Madison.