Mini-Saanens! Our Saanen doe, Mary had twins out of our Nigerian Dwarf buck on March  6th.
Could they be any cuter? The spotted one is a doe and the white is a buck.
Mary chose a sunny spot in the barn yard and had her twins out in the open with nothing phasing her. Fiona was actually cleaning the barn out behind Mary and Papa had come over to visit, so while Mary delivered, they watched (see photos below). Mary did have to chase away the three bucklings from Nellie & Trixie a few times and she also chased away one of the cats, but other than that, it was just totally routine for Mary.
Finally! Mini-Nubian doelings out of Scarlet. The babies were born April 25th and they could not be more darling. They actually were triplets, but for some reason the little buckling was not born alive. But these two doelings, one black with white spot and the other almost identical to her mom, Scarlet. Scarlet is a wonderful mom and my heaviest milking doe. We are just thrilled with these babies.