March 20, 2009. What a great way to celebrate the first day of spring! The
first lambs of 2009 were up and nursing when I went out this morning.
Puffin did a great job with a 9 lb. black ram lamb and an 8 1/2 lb. spotted
black ewe lamb
out of Rubus. Bloodlines are Haengur and Rektor. At right
is a photo of the ewe lamb (brother is behind), at six days old.
March 22. Mathilde lambed unassisted this morning.
Unfortunately her 3rd lamb (big surprise that she
was carrying triplets), was stillborn. But she did
have a lovely
white ewe lamb (9 lbs.) and a
black/grey ram lamb (8.5 lbs.). Their sire is the
Tyrson. Bloodlines include Skumur/Austri and Tyr.
March23. Maureen had twins out of the Tyrson, but alas, the
2nd lamb was dead by the time we discovered she had
lambed (sigh). Anyway, this really nice
black/grey ram (he
weighed 8 lbs.) out of the Tyrson may just become his
daddy's replacement in the flock - what a great milky line to
blend with a good meaty line (Molur x Tyr).
March 23. Rosey delivered a huge 10
white ewe lamb out of the
Skumurson today. She is absolutely
beautiful, long and wide with stocky
legs. I repeated this same breeding
as last year, because the ewe lamb
that is this little girl's full sister is
"Dorie" who has one of the most
amazing fleeces -- and heaviest
fleece of a lamb, that I've seen. I
expect the same from this lamb. She
carries moorit and spotting too.
March 23. Pearl had a beautiful spotted ewe
(6 lbs.) out of the Visirson this
morning. What a beauty she is. And how
fun to get a spotted lamb out of two white
March 26. SURPRISE, surprise! Look what Lena
Horn did this year. Triplets out of Ragnar: a black
ram (7 lbs.), a spotted black ram (7 lbs.) and a
white ewe lamb (8 1/2 lbs.). Lena now has a
220% lambing record. And, all of her lambs were
born unassisted, have all grown out big and
healthy! This is a super ewe. These babies are
also the grandchildren of our beloved
March 27. While I was out of town, Patsy Montana safely delivered a set of TRIPLETS by herself.
They were apparently all up and nursing when Willie & Daryl found them. There are two white
ewe lambs and one spotted ram out of
Ragnar. The lambs weighed 5, 5, and 6 lbs. It looks like
the little ram lamb inherited his daddy's stocky legs and big feet! These lambs are the
grandchildren of
March 30. Our first VAI lambs were born
Haera had TWIN EWE LAMBS out of
Iceland ram Molur! One is black/grey and one
is white. They both weighed 9 1/2 lbs. She had
them unassisted and they were both quickly up
and nursing. YEAH for Haera. This is her 3rd
AI lambing for us. What a gem!