April 2, 2008
Our dear Betty started us off this lambing
season, just as if she had read the books.
(These are her first lambs).She delivered
twins sometime during the night - a ram and a
ewe. Both are black mouflon. Their sire is
Hokan, so they are linebred Serkur, plus
Tolkis as a grandsire! Betty had just exactly
what I was hoping for, healthy lambs and the
bonus is - they are colored! We will most
likely keep the ram, and even possibly the
ewe. The ram lamb was 7 1/2 lbs. and the
ewe lamb weighed 7 lbs.
April 4
Our first VAI lamb is born! HOORAY!!
We have a large ram (a whopping 10 1/2 lb.) out of Iceland ram
Dreitill, which we are most excited about.
Dreitill was one of the highest scoring rams ever (at 86.0) and so we are very, very pleased to have this ram
lamb here. His dam is
Viola -- she is a Sponn granddaughter.
April 6
Nanna, as usual, delivered her twins with quiet grace and dignity. We discovered she had a water bag
presenting during a midnight barn check, so decided to hang out and watch the miracle that these births
are. It was the first warm spring-like evening we have had this season so it was very pleasant to be outside
last night with a sky full of stars and the animals around. Daryl and I sat on a bale of straw and watched,
and the barn cats took advantage of our relaxation by climbing onto our laps for attention. The yearling
ewes took turns coming in to the barn to see what was going on and Nanna chased them off. Nanna's first
lamb is a grey moorit ewe (weight was 5 3/4 lbs.) and her second lamb is a black grey ram (weight was 9
lbs.). They are doing great. I'm actually relieved that she only had twins this year instead of her usual
triplets. Twins just grow out better (in my opinion). The sire of these lambs is
April 7
Alexa delivered VAI twins out of Iceland
Leifur. The ewe lamb weighed 8
1/2 lbs. and her brother was 9 1/2 lbs. They
were very active immediately after birth, as
the leader lambs often are. In fact, the ram
lamb was so happy to be born that an hour
after he entered the world, he was bouncing
backward around the barn. Very sweet and
funny pair of lambs.
April 7
Esmerelda had VAI twins, both rams out
of Iceland ram
Visir. Unfortunately the first
ram was stillborn, but the 2nd ram, who
weighed 7 3/4 lbs. is a sweetheart and we
are so pleased to have him in the flock --
obviously he's a keeper and is staying
April 8
Agatha delivered twin ram lambs - again -
unassisted. She's an awesome, protective mom.
The sire of these lambs is our Kunningison so
they have some great genetics behind them. The
first lamb born is a black/grey who weighed 9
1/2 lbs. and the white ram weighed 8 lbs.
grey ram is reserved, but the white ram is still
April 8
Agnes had VAI twin ram lambs out of
Iceland ram
Eldar! The first one born
weighed 9 lbs. and the second one was 8
lbs. Both are very healthy and were
immediately seeking mama's milk within 5
minutes of birth. We are very excited to add
the Eldar bloodline to our flock.
We are
keeping one ram and the other is reserved.