Lambing Season 2007
started out on March 25th. Our Flotti daughter, "Fiona's Pet" delivered a single 9 lb. white ewe lamb out of the Sjodurson. This lamb will be staying!
A star is born!
11 month old "
Mathilde" a daughter of our Skumurson and an Austri daughter, delivered twin EWE lambs unassisted on March 28th. These lovely ewe lambs are out of our Kunnigison. One ewe is solid black; the other is black & white spotted. Both weighed 6 lbs. Hooray for Mathilde!
I am keeping the black ewe and the spotted ewe is reserved.
March 29th was Claudia's day to lamb. She had twin lambs. The ram is black/grey and weighed 6 1/4 lbs. and the ewe lamb is white and weighed 6 lbs. Their sire is our Visirson, so this is a great combination - Serkur and Visir are grandsires of these lambs! The ram is reserved and I will keep the ewe.
Eowyn's turn - March 30th we have a gorgeous set of twins out of the excellent Tulison. A black grey ewe that appears homozygous for grey! And a very pretty white ram lamb with large horn buds. They weighed 7 1/2 and 8 1/2 lbs. respectively. I am keeping the ewe lamb. The ram is reserved.
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