"The imminence of lambing time has excitement. What secrets and surprises, pleasant or unpleasant are hid in the wombs of the ewes?"  - Alan Fraser, M.D. 1937

April 1, 2006 the first lambs of the season started arriving. Follow along here and check back often for updates as the ewes continue to lamb through April and into May.
April 1. Helena x Navajo
Twins. Unfortunately the ram lamb was a breech birth and he was stillborn. But the surviving twin is a healthy, lovely and active solid black polled ewe lamb. She has the bloodlines of Heli and Dalur behind her. She carries moorit and spotting.
Shown above at 12 hours old and above right at 4 days old. She's gaining weight at the rate of 3/4 lb. per day and proving to be nice and stocky in build. This lamb is reserved.
April 4. Fiona's Pet x Prince Rilian
Twins. Black mouflon ewe and a white ewe lamb! and what a combination of genetics - their grandsires are Flotti and Rektor!  We are keeping the white ewe lamb and the mouflon lamb is reserved. Update: we've named the white lamb "Mikaela's Pet" - she weighed a whopping 42 lbs. at 6 weeks of age! Her sister isn't far behind in growth and size.
April 5. Agatha x Prince Rilian.
Twins. One is a black/grey ewe and the other is a moorit grey ewe.
Nice sturdy, well built and vigorous lambs. Granddaughters of Rektor as well as having some Morro, Flotti & Moli in their lineage. Both lambs are reserved..