March 28, 2005. The first AI (artificial insemination) lambs to be born at The Lavender Fleece - a set of twins (ewe and ram) out of "Ember" and Iceland ram Abel (upper right photo). A great way to start the morning is to take a walk at 6 am and find two lambs who have been up and nursing and already starting to follow chickens around the barnyard. Ember is an excellent mom, very attentive and we are very pleased with our first lambs of the season and from our first time using artificial insemination. The ewe lamb is below, the ram lamb at lower left. Note the size of his horn buds - big for such a small lamb. We will be keeping both of these lambs.
Click here to see these lambs at 2 days old
Click here to see the ram lamb at 28 days next to the Noi daughter at 21 days.
March 30. Nanna delivered triplets (two rams and one ewe) out of Iceland ram Sjodur. We matched these genetics carefully to produce offspring that should be extremely prolific and also milky. The lambs carry moorit and either solid or grey. Nanna has one of the best fleeces on the farm (and she can still grow an awesome fleece even raising triplets all summer) so she has become one of our most treasured ewes - especially with her calm, unassuming and gentle nature. We are keeping Nanna's ewe lamb and both ram lambs are sold.
Nanna's triplets are growing out beautifully! Click here to see them at 20 days of age.
March 30. Haera delivered a beautiful solid black ewe lamb! The sire is Iceland ram Molur. We are very excited to have a colored AI baby amongst our little white lambs! Haera twinned as a one winter ewe, so her single this year is due to the hormones used to do AI. It seems that with doing AI that the ewes can sometimes have fewer or more lambs than they would if they cycle naturally. We will be keeping this lovely ewe lamb so she is not for sale.
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